Funny, the places that life takes us.

You couldn’t have told me that I would go to Chiropractic College and
become a doctor. And now, you couldn’t have told me that I would leave
Chiropractic behind, get sober, close a business, train as a Restorative Yoga
Teacher and Coach and open a new business. You couldn’t have told me I
would become a published author and writer.

It’s funny that doctor means teacher in latin.

And, we all have a story.

I am honored and grateful to be your guide through this blog. I feel thrilled to take you on adventures and journeys of the heart and soul. I hope it empowers you to share your story.

Connection is on my mind today.

It has been said that addiction is a lack of connection. It has been said that racism is a lack of connection. I ask you to breathe into that for moment. Can you feel the truth of these statements? Are you willing to shine a light on the places in your being that you may have experienced a lack of connection?

It seems to me; the longer I am sober, the more connection I am able to
experience. For me, my connection actually starts with solitude and self-
reflection. I like my own company and this is a gift. It gives me space to rest
and get to know myself. The deeper I go with this practice, the more I am
able to connect with the other inhabitants of earth.

Funny, as I like myself better when I am alone, I like me better when I’m
with you. I am more available for friendships, new and old. I am more able
to follow my intuition and show up for others.

Just as we baby step to the top of our mats in yoga, I took baby steps in this arena.
What I began to notice was as I let people into the messy, icky, hurt parts of
my being, they felt more connected to me. They began to show up with all
of their messiness. I feel more connected to them. These are the friends of
my soul (Anam Cara in Celtic Wisdom) and with their love and belief as a
foundation for me to rest upon, I can show up connected and in my truth in
all areas of my life. Our perceived flaws and messiness once accepted can
only bring others closer; this gives them permission to accept themselves.

One more thing on connection.

My initial journey of disconnection was through disordered eating and body dysmorphia. It never went away. Maybe some of the more extreme practices were released, but this coping, this distraction was always underneath the substance use.

As I further understand what connection means for me, I discover that much of the
time (like solitude) the connection I may be looking for in a certain type of
food is really a call to connect with others in a certain way. I have begun to
find much comfort and new friends of my soul in connecting with humans
recovering (or still going experiencing) from the scream of eating disorders.
Well, there you have it. A bit of my story and a bit of teaching; about life,
sobriety and connection.

How do you connect to yourself and others? What has changed for you in regards to connection? If you are struggling with some form of addiction or mental health issue, how is it affecting your ability to connect? Is the whole idea of connection to yourself and others a mystery to you?

Now it’s your turn. Let us know what came up for you, what you need
support with and reach out your hand to connect with someone who needs

Remember to connect with you.