Host Space Terms & Conditions

Host Space agrees to Good Elephant’s process for matching Host Space with Collaborators to teach in their space. Upon the signing of this agreement, Host Space will be added to the Good Elephant website as an “Available Space” and matched with Collaborators’ availability. Collaborators may request to start a class in the space based on the information, availability, and pictures provided.

Host Space has the right to refuse to host any event requested, but agrees to consider all requests equally, without discrimination based on gender, race, etc.

By approving a requested event, Host Space agrees to make their space available to the Collaborator for all dates and times specified in the Event Request.  Host Space will work with Collaborator to coordinate a plan for how the Collaborator will access the space. Host Space has the option to request a lockbox from Good Elephant.

Host Space agrees to comply with Collaborator’s Suggested Price for each event in their Space, and to communicate pricing accurately to its members, community, and staff. Good Elephant reserves the right to terminate this agreement if Host Space advertises any pay-what-you-can events with any pricing other than that specified by Collaborator and on the Good Elephant app and website.

Host Space agrees to the following, and acknowledges that each teacher has also agreed to the following:


  • Teachers and Location will, to the best of their abilities, provide students with experiences that align with Good Elephant’s mission to be welcoming, friendly and professional.
  • Teachers and Location will help promote the class to the best of their abilities, including but not limited to community participation, word of mouth, social media outreach, displaying flyers curated by Good Elephant, etc.
  • Teachers will provide experiences that match the class descriptions approved by Good Elephant and Location in each Class Agreement.


Good Elephant will not require Collaborator or Host Space to rent or purchase any equipment, product, or service as a condition of entering into this Agreement.  Good Elephant will do their best to provide each Location with necessary mats upon request of teacher or location.  If teachers choose to teach a class in such a way that requires any additional props, teachers are responsible for providing those props.

Teachers and Host Space are responsible for all expenses incurred while performing services under this Agreement.  This includes travel expenses; vehicle maintenance and repair costs; insurance premiums; fines; cell phone expenses; and meals.

Teachers and Host Space will have complete responsibility for clearing and cleaning the Host Space. Proper cleaning and clearing will be discussed and agreed upon by Host Space Contact and Collaborator prior to the first class. Good Elephant will not be held responsible for clearing and cleaning any event space.

Host Space will make their space available at least 15 minutes before the Start Time specified in each Event Request.  The space will remain available to the Collaborator until 15 minutes after the End Time.

Collaborator will begin and end class as close as possible to the Beginning Time and End Time specified in each Event Request. Collaborators are encouraged to respect the time slot made available by your Host Space, and also to respect the time of the attendees.

Host Space acknowledges that Collaborators are required to check in every attendee on the Good Elephant app, whether or not they’ve signed up in advance.

Collaborators who teach movement-based classes will be prepared to provide proof of current, appropriate Insurance at any time after the Start Date specified in this agreement.  Good Elephant is not responsible for insuring individual Instructors.

Host Space acknowledges that Good Elephant’s insurance covers damage up to $2 million at any Location where classes are held.

If the Host Space is unavailable for a confirmed and scheduled event, the Host Space Contact will notify Good Elephant at least one week before the next event instance. If Collaborator is unable to be present for class, Collaborator will notify the Host Space Contact and secure an adequate substitute teacher at least one week before the specific class date.

In the case of an emergency, Collaborator or Host Space Contact will call Allison Reitz at 618.334.0071 or Jenna Fortuna at 209.331.6889 and notify them that the space won’t be available. Examples of emergencies affecting Collaborator or Host Space Contact that warrant immediate cancellation of a class include:

  • Hospitalization or intensive medical care

  • Death or critical illness in the family

  • Life-threatening issues

  • Home fire or natural disaster

  • Crime victimization 

The following issues affecting Collaborators, Host Space Contacts, or Host Space itself are not considered emergencies, and cancellation of events for these reasons is not considered appropriate.  Collaborators affected by these issues are responsible for securing a sub, and Host Space Contacts affected by these issues will still be held responsible for making their space available at the time agreed upon:

  • Doctor’s appointments

  • Work-related stress or overwhelming workload

  • Minor short-term illness, headaches, and allergies (e.g. cold, flu, etc.)

  • Weddings

  • Job or graduate school interviews

  • Traffic – please plan accordingly!

  • Household issues, including pet and child care

Collaborators and Host Spaces acknowledge that cancellations and subs have proven to negatively affect attendance for a specific class and risk damaging the overall reputation and viability of Good Elephant and its Collaborators and Host Space Partners.  Therefore, Good Elephant reserves the right to terminate this agreement and rescind all efforts to promote events after repeated cancellations, Collaborator absences, or Host Space unavailability related to the above issues.

In collaboration with Collaborators and Host Spaces, Good Elephant agrees to the following: 

  • Good Elephant will promote its brand presence in each of its established cities, including but not limited to email lists, website maintenance, social media, flyers, local events, word of mouth, etc.

  • Good Elephant will keep software and social media up to date, so that events are available for attendees to sign up and pay within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Good Elephant will facilitate initial contact between Collaborators and Host Spaces.  After initial contact, Collaborator and Host Space will be responsible for keeping in touch with each other.

  • In the event of an emergency cancellation, Good Elephant will notify attendees who have signed up.