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We’re In This Together

If you’re navigating the transition back to in-person events, you’re not alone. COVID restrictions can be daunting, but we’re all in this together! Right now, we’re offering local organizations FREE software and support to navigate COVID restrictions and get our communities safely out and about again.

Good Elephant App

Easy App for Signups, Attendance, & Payments

Attendance Caps & COVID-Friendly Waivers

Marketing Tools & Dedicated Profile Pages

Join a Community of Local Teachers & Organizations

A Free Local Resource for Your Organization

Our in-house creative team is currently collaborating with organizations in Sacramento, Denver, and Reno to bring them the software and support they need most right now. We know that each community organization is unique, and we’ll work with you to understand and support your most pressing issues, so you can get back to doing what you do best – serving your community!

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How It Works

Schedule a 1-on-1 Discovery Call

Set up a call with our team. We’ll talk through your specific challenges and answer any questions you might have. Need something specific? We’ll work together to find a solution to your unique situation. 

Get Started with Our FREE Tools

Yes, it is possible to safely offer events again as soon as tomorrow! We’ll onboard and support your teachers and locations, and help get your events ready for action. Use code SPRINGTIME for your free Org Membership.

Get Back to Safely Doing What You Love

Keep your people feeling safe with in-person, hybrid, and virtual options. Community members can sign up, pay, and certify they’re healthy on our platform, and your teachers can take attendance in real-time at events.

Under the Hood

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One Place for All Your Events

Set up your events to start taking signups and payments in minutes. You’ll receive direct payouts within 48hrs of each event.

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Track Your Success

Access attendee contact info and the data you need to keep your community engaged.

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Easy Compliance to Match Your Policies

Make sure everyone has safe access with flexible options for hiding financial details and the ability to password-protect billing settings.

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Flexible Pricing Options

Choose from FreeOptional DonationsPay-What-You-Can, or Fixed Pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have specific needs?

We know that each organization has a unique set of needs, so we work with you individually and adapt our software and services to solve your most tricky challenges.

Can I accept drop-ins with the app?

Yes! Teachers can add attendees on the fly with our app.

How much does it cost?

6 months free for your organization with unlimited teachers. After that, our memberships are $35/month.

Can you help me follow COVID protocols?

Yes! When attendees sign up for an event, they’re asked to sign our waiver and certify that they’re healthy.

Our other COVID-friendly features include:

  • Set a cap on attendance
  • Access your attendees’ contact information
  • Offer live online classes – Zoom is included!
  • Hybrid (online + in-person) classes and events

Looking for more features? We’re always learning and growing (fast!). Set up a call and let us know what you’re looking for.

What’s the experience like for my attendees?

  1. Our marketing resources and shareable links make it easy for community members to find out about an event through your website or social media 
  2. A community member downloads the Good Elephant app or looks at our schedule on our website
  3. They can view details about events, teachers and locations
  4. They’ll sign up, certify they’re COVID-free, and make their payment (everything on Good Elephant is free or pay-what-you-can)
  5. They’ll receive a confirmation email with event details, and reminder emails 24hrs and 2hrs before the event
  6. When they attend the event, they can use our hands-free self-check-in or check in with their teacher
  7. They’ll experience your wonderful offering!
  8. They’ll receive a “Thank You” email after class
  9. You’ll have access to download their contact information to keep in touch moving forward

What’s the experience like for my teachers?

Your teachers will have an account under your main Organization Membership.

When you’re ready to get started, we’ll reach out to your teachers and help them get set up.

They’ll log into the Good Elephant app and see their classes’ attendance lists.

They’ll be able to take attendance and payments through the Good Elephant app in real-time at their events.

What’s the experience like for my host spaces?

When you’re ready to get started, we’ll reach out to your host spaces and help them get set up, and support them along the way!

How soon can I start?

We can start things any time – we’re here and ready to go whenever you are!

Are other organizations using Good Elephant successfully?

Yes! We’ve partnered with hundreds of happy teachers, local businesses and organizations… and counting!

Can I access my attendance data?

Yes! Your dashboard provides a report on your event views, attendance and revenue by date range, and we’re happy to provide any additional data reporting you need.

I own a space. Can I add it as a location?

Of course! We’re happy to get that set up for you.

Can attendees sign up from my website?

Yes, you’re welcome to use our handy shareable links for your events.

We can work with almost any website builder to provide custom link setup on request – just ask us for help!