Today’s Adventure:

Open Up with the Moon

Every 28 days, the moon moves through a cycle of creative and receptive energy. From New Moon to Full Moon, it’s growing and getting brighter, and this is the time when creation is king! On the other hand, during the two weeks when the moon’s light is waning, it usually feels easiest to rest and absorb.

With Friday’s New Moon, we’ve returned to the creative stage of the moon’s cycle in the sky, so let’s celebrate this new creative awakening time by opening up! First, let all the air out of your lungs. Then, as you inhale, reach your arms overhead. Exhaling, bring your elbows out to the sides with your fingers pointing up, like a cactus. Feel your shoulder blades getting closer together as your chest opens up with your next big inhale. Take a few big luxurious breaths here and allow yourself to imagine what you’ll create!