Are Online Events Part of Your Mindful Wellness Routine?

If you’re finding daily life more stressful lately, or you’re struggling to maintain a mindful wellness routine, you’re not alone. Why not try taking your mindful wellness routine online? Whether it’s yoga, guided meditation, art, or even cooking you’re after, with Good Elephant’s online events, creating a mindful wellness routine is as easy as staying home.

Do more of what wakes you up. 

Good Elephant’s online events are about more than just pressing play. By connecting live, you’ll link up with other community members excited to share their knowledge, passion, and wellness vision in an organic way. And what could be more invigorating than that?

Whether you are looking to try something new or soak up some time with your favorite teacher, Good Elephant makes real, authentic connection possible with our online events. Find classes that fit your schedule and keep your wellness routine dynamic by choosing from 6 themed class groups: Move, Restore, Gather, Learn, Create, and Eat. 

mindful wellness routine

Our friendly and knowledgeable Guides will lead you through live classes that make it easy to get inspired and engage in mindfulness all day long if your heart desires (although we do recommend going outside at some point). At Good Elephant, we know that mindfulness isn’t about checking an item off your to-do list — it’s about changing the way you live and breathe every minute. It’s less about having something to do and more about creating space to grow, learn, live well, and stay connected.

How the Good Elephant app works.

Good Elephant believes in making a mindful lifestyle inclusive and affordable for everyone. Every Good Elephant class, event, and workshop is either free or pay-what-you-can with a suggested price, so you can relax without worry and build the awesome new routine you’ve been dreaming of that fits your busy schedule and gives you the chance to experiment with as many fun, new activities as you’d like! 

With events you can tune into any time, anywhere, Good Elephant has never been more welcoming and inclusive. Download the Good Elephant App to discover a variety of online classes, events, workshops, and gatherings on our schedule (also available on the Good Elephant website) and sign up for your favorite ongoing events. The app is also a great way to keep track of all the cool things you’ve done and plan to do, so you can track your learning progress and easily reconnect with your favorite Guides and events

A new way to unplug. 

Do you feel like you always have to be “on” throughout your day? We’re all more plugged-in these days, hopping on Zoom meetings for work, and during downtime, catching up with friends on Facebook. Towards the end of the day, it’s hard to beat the urge to scroll from your living room couch and do something energizing instead.  

Good Elephant’s online events give you the opportunity to beat the burnout and slip something good into your daily routine. Simplify your wellness by connecting with Good Elephant’s mindful community from the comfort of your home. 

Good Elephant does a person good.  

Feel comfortable and welcome. 

Let’s face it: trying something new can be scary. Meeting new people can be scary too. It’s not as intimidating though when the environment you’re (virtually) stepping into is an authentic and inclusive one. Maybe you can’t touch your toes but you’re curious about yoga. Maybe you’re a stranger in your own kitchen but you’ve been craving homemade veggie lasagne. Maybe you’re just bad at following instructions (raises hand). No matter the reason, fear can hold us back from exploring and thriving. Good Elephant has your back with online events that are fun and engaging for all skill levels. Come as you are and expect events to be light and positive!

mindful wellness routine

Get easy access to a mindful wellness routine. 

Finding time to de-stress and be mindful shouldn’t be stressful! With Good Elephant’s accessible online events, a mindful wellness routine is just a click away. You don’t have to navigate a labyrinth-like signup process, wear the “right” clothes, or look a certain way. You just have to show up! Thankfully that’s easy with the Good Elephant App. Find something that works for your schedule, pay-what-you-can, and do what wakes you up! 

Explore mindfully. 

Adventure has never been closer to home than with Good Elephant. With a variety of themes to choose from, you can count on finding new ways to move, learn, create, eat, gather with others, and explore types of classes you’ve been afraid to try or didn’t even know existed!

Decide for yourself. 

Good Elephant is all about helping you create a life you love and building a supportive community around you. Connecting live means you’ll not just be completing a class from start to finish but creating a great experience for yourself and your people. Sound good? Go ahead and get started. Create a mindful wellness routine from home that wakes you up and rocks your world.