How to Offer Online Events to Your Community

Find the perfect space for your online events.

In recent months, our homes have become the location for business meetings, interviews, social events, and even weddings! By now, most of us have adapted and created spaces within our home for these events.  

If you’re looking to host online events for your community, it’s no different! You’ll want to find a space that is quiet and offers pleasant lighting with minimal distractions. If your event includes movement like yoga, you’ll naturally want to have room to move around. 

Remember that when community members, students, or attendees show up to online events, they want to feel like you’re there to give them 100% of your attention. One easy way to do this is by creating a warm, welcoming environment that will be free of those distractions (or at least as much as possible)! 

However, it doesn’t need to be perfect! We’re all doing our best to be flexible!

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How to find the best day and time for your online events.

 It’s good to start by getting an idea of when your friends, family, and the following are looking to connect. Everyone’s schedule a availability for online events will vary. Some people may have more availability now, whereas others may have children or parents needing additional care.

Your best bet is to ask! You can do this by creating a poll on your social media or using a free tool like TypeForm. Don’t forget to account for different timezones!

It can also be helpful to keep seasonality in mind. For example, in the winter, people may be more interested in online events earlier in the evening because it gets dark sooner. Likewise, some may want to wait until there’s more light in the mornings. While everyone’s preferences may be different, you will likely see similarities among a group!

Prepare your online events for tech problems! 

Executing a seamless online event requires both careful planning and quick adaptation to any challenges that might arise. As hosts, we want to offer online event attendees the best experience possible. 

Before your online event, be sure to test your internet connection, microphone, camera, and other technical additions like music or videos. We’ve found that asking a friend to join you for a virtual trial run on your online event works best! 

They can help you find the best camera angle, lighting, and sound. Having someone on the screen will also ensure that you have a great experience and can see event attendees.  

The sooner you identify problems, the sooner you can find solutions! Remember that not all individuals are tech-savvy, though we’ve learned a lot in the past few months!


Music and video help make magic.  

Music can offer so much to any experience you offer online. Consider how you might engage event attendees in different ways. Coordinating music for your online events can take a little practice and help bring the wow factor for attendees! 

Videos are another great way to add dimension to your online events! While it’s probably best to avoid any lengthy videos, something short and sweet can help inspire and capture your audience’s attention!

Just be sure to use the tips we recommended for testing all your technology!

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Share and promote your online events!

Now that you’re fully prepared to offer an online event to your community–it’s time to invite them! You may already have a long list of people who are eager to attend your online events or classes. If you’re looking for tips, check out our suggestions for sharing your events

If you plan on using Good Elephant to help host your event, you’re more than welcome to use our social media templates. These templates make it super easy to create graphics for sharing online!

Thank your community for attending your online event.

After your event is over, it’s nice to send a quick thank you to everyone who attended. It’s a super simple way to make your community feel special and valued. 

It’s also a great way to share details about your next event! Think of it as a way to build a relationship with your community, even if you don’t see each other IRL!

Are you offering online event but you’re not a Good Elephant Guide?

Can we suggest that you explore becoming a Good Elephant Guide? After all, we created Good Elephant so that people just like you could offer online, in-person, and hybrid events. 

With a Good Elephant membership, we take care of the all of technical stuff like payment processing and video conferring software so that you can focus more on connecting with your community. 

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