Welcome! We’re thrilled that you’ve joined Good Elephant as a Guide.

Welcome! We’re thrilled that you’ve joined Good Elephant as a Guide. Our mission is to help YOU make free, and pay-what-you-can classes and events available to all.

To get started, let’s go over how to set up your Guide Profile. We’re ready, if you’re ready! 


How to create your Good Elephant Guide Profile 



STEP 1Log into the Good Elephant Dashboard and go to the Profile tab on the right-hand side. This is where you can edit your profile, change your password, location, and communication settings.

STEP 2: Add a photo of yourself to the profile. Photos will smiling faces are best!

STEP 3: Finally, add a bio to your profile! This is where you can share your unique story and what you are most passionate about! Attendees will be able to see your photo and bio so think about what they might want to know.


How to create your guide profile


STEP 1: Go to the Account tab in your Good Elephant Dashboard. 

STEP 2: Look for the button that says “Link My Stripe Account”.

STEP 3: Click this button and follow the directions. There is no fee for connecting your bank account.

good elephant guide profile


That’s it! You’re ready to share your Good Elephant Guide Profile with the community.


How to Share your Good Elephant Guide Profile with the Community 

You’re ready to share your profile with the world. Sharing the link to your profile is the best way to let your community know what classes or events you’re offering.

When they visit your profile, they will always see your upcoming classes. They will also see your photo and be able to read your bio. 

TOP TIP: Add the link to your Guide Profile onto your social media pages. Links can be added to your Instagram profile, Facebook Bio, and anywhere else you connect with your community. 

Let’s grow this community together!

We would love for you to encourage your community to download the Good Elephant app and try a new class this week. (Psst! You can also text them a link to the Good Elephant app!)  

Together, we will be making a mindful lifestyle more accessible and inclusive for everyone! 

Do you want to become a Good Elephant Guide?