Hello Good Elephant community! Below, you’ll find our COVID-19 Guidelines for Host Spaces and everything you need to know about hosting Good Elephant classes during COVID-19. 


COVID-19 Guidelines for Guides

Cleaning Before Class: Good Elephant’s Guides are encouraged to use their space’s cleaning supplies to disinfect the area that will be used for the event. Guides are also encouraged to provide hand sanitizer for attendees when they arrive.

Air Circulation & Purification: The CDC recommends increasing building ventilation to cut down on recycled contaminated air. When you arrive at your space, be sure to open any doors and windows you can find – let’s enjoy that beautiful summer air!

Mats, Props, & Equipment: Good Elephant will not be providing extra mats, props, or equipment for attendees at this time and we’re encouraging attendees to bring their own mat or towel.

For those that don’t have a mat, we suggest bringing new mats and props to be purchased by attendees. Cheap mats can be easily found for around $10 at box stores like Marshalls and Target.

Hands-free Check-in and Payments: Guides and attendees are encouraged to use the Good Elephant app on their phone to make payments and check into class – they can do this from the My Schedule screen.

Please encourage your attendees to pay with a credit card through the Good Elephant app, and try to limit the exchange of cash as much as possible.

Changing Rooms & Bathrooms: As usual, availability of changing rooms and bathrooms depends on the individual host space’s policy. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the availability of bathrooms at your space and communicate any restrictions to your attendees.


Good Elephant’s signup process now includes an agreement that must be checked each time an attendee signs up for a class at your space:

“I certify that I am not, to my knowledge, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, nor have I recently been in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID-19.”

The CDC encourages businesses to consider conducting daily health checks for employees and customers. We’re asking our Guides and attendees to check their health before they arrive, using the CDC’s self check tool



The CDC suggests maintaining a six feet distance at all times. Attendees are encouraged to practice social distancing before and after class, place their mats six feet apart, and wear a mask when feasible.

Class Size: We will follow city and state regulations as much as possible, so we’re asking attendees to sign up and arrive at your space as early as they can.