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Introducing the Good Elephant Brand

June 22nd, 2018


Founder Allison Reitz started Community Yogi in Carson City, Nevada in early 2017.  This June, Community Yogi changed its name to Good Elephant.  Why the switch? Allison says, “we really love elephants. The elephant is very symbolic, especially in Hinduism as the God Ganesha.”  Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles, a perfect reflection of Good Elephant’s mission to remove barriers for new people to try yoga!  The elephant also appears in a beautiful Buddhist story about the elephant and the blind men, which reflects the ways the Good Elephant team approaches business. 

Good Elephant started when founder Allie Reitz began teaching yoga in a studio and realized just how many people are interested in trying yoga, but are hesitant to venture into a studio.  Contrary to its origins thousands of years ago as a philosophy and mindful way of life, yoga is widely viewed as a workout in today’s society.  Beginners and those who need this type of healing often feel intimidated by yoga studios with fit, flexible members and expensive memberships.

Good Elephant’s Solution: Bring these mindful practices out into the world with creative local spaces and a pay-what-you-can system.

Classes and events are offered in creative local spaces like coffee shops, art galleries, and community centers.  Their Prana Pay system allows students to choose their price for every class they attend, so students can try yoga for free!

Reitz also realized how difficult it is for yoga instructors to make a living teaching at yoga studios. According to Yoga Alliance, for every instructor teaching today, there are two instructors currently in training.

A recent study by Yoga Journal showed that, for every current teacher, there are two teachers in training – America is experiencing a huge wave of new teachers without enough space at studios for them to share their offerings.  At most studios, teachers are paid a flat rate or per head, usually between $25-$40 per class – not enough to make a living teaching yoga.  These leaders are changing lives and deserve for their income to reflect their success as a teacher – it’s time to change the way the yoga industry is run!

Good Elephant’s Solution: A commission-based online platform and supportive community for teachers.

Our technology, brand and community creates an opportunity for unlimited amounts of teachers and classes in every community.  Teachers in rural areas will be able to offer community classes in towns that lack options for yoga, without having to do it all alone.  When instructors teach with us, they’re joining a supportive community of local teachers, with a dedicated Good Elephant City Leader to help ensure the success of their new classes.

The Good Elephant mission is to work with amazing teachers and creative local spaces to help make the world a place where each individual spiritual journey is supported, one community at a time. 

Examples of classes launched recently:

  • Lunchtime Express Yoga at the Main Street Mall in Little Rock, AR
  • Community Yoga at Comma Coffee in Carson City, NV
  • Osho Kundalini Meditation in Reno, NV

Good Elephant’s rebrand with logo and branding design by Brad Todd of This & That, will bring a new website, a launch into 2 more U.S. cities, and an app (coming soon!).  Learn more about Good Elephant at or on Social Media at @goodelephantco.