How can I become a Good Elephant Host Space?

We love partnering with businesses to offer mindful classes and events! Sign up to make your space available to Good Elephant’s certified Guides.​ We’ll match you with the perfect Guides based on your availability and preferences. Then, classes and events at your space will show up on our app, website, and email newsletters.

Hosting classes is as easy as pie! We’ll handle all payments, check-ins, liability waivers, and communication with your Guides. Need a lockbox? We’ve got those too!

Learn more about hosting Good Elephant events and sign up today!

Are there requirements for becoming a Good Elephant Host Space?

Your space must be clean and professional, and you need an open space big enough for at least 3 yoga mats.

My space is small, shaped differently, has furniture, or isn’t air-conditioned. Can I still become a Good Elephant Host Space?

Yes! We welcome all different kinds of spaces to host Good Elephant events. We can work with you to determine the best type of events for your space. Learn more about hosting Good Elephant events and sign up today!

What is the best time to host events?

It all depends on the type of classes being offered and the people who can benefit most from them. For instance, if a Guide is offering Chair Yoga for Seniors in your space, they’ll probably want to offer it before late afternoon. We’ll work with your schedule, and your availability will determine what type of classes our Guides choose to offer in your space.

Don’t worry – there’s a great type of class for every time of the day!

Is there a fee to become a Good Elephant Host Space?

Nope! You can choose to either donate your space, or charge $2 per attendee who signs up and pays through the Good Elephant app.

What are the benefits of becoming a Good Elephant Host Space?

When you become a Good Elephant Host Space, you help foster healthy connections in your city. Community members who attend events at your space are introduced to your business and will know that you are committed to cultivating vibrant, mindful communities.

I have a question that is not listed here? Who can I contact for more information?

Email us at!


How will my Guides access my space?

During the signup process, you will be asked if you’d like to receive a lockbox from Good Elephant. You may also use your own lock box or any building security tools you have in place. You may also choose to commit to being present at class time to open the space for your Guides, although this is not necessary.

Can I request specific events or classes that I’d like to have in my space?

Yes! If you let us know the details of the event or class you’d like to host, we will be sure to connect you with the appropriate Guides!

Can I tell you what types of classes I’d like to have in my space?

Yes! You can choose your preferred class types when you sign up to host.

I’m unsure of how to begin hosting in-person classes with COVID-19 regulations. Can you help me navigate this, so it’s safe for all?

Good Elephant can help you navigate in-person classes to provide a safe space for event Guides and community members. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information.

How can I start donating my space to help provide pay-what-you-can classes to my community?

Thank you for supporting our mission to provide making a mindful lifestyle inclusive and affordable for everyone! To start donating your space, email

Can I set the amount I charge per attendee?

Not at this time.

Can I set up direct deposit instead of receiving a check?

At this time, Good Elephant will send you a snail mail check every two weeks.

Do I need to pay my Good Elephant Guides?

Our goal is to make hosting events as simple and enjoyable as possible, so there is no need to pay your Good Elephant Guides. Guides receive direct-deposit payouts for their earned income through the Good Elephant platform.

How can I communicate with my Good Elephant Guides?

When you confirm each new class at your space, we’ll connect you with your Good Elephant Guide. We trust you and your Guides to communicate with each other independently.

My space has employees or community members. Can I offer Good Elephant classes to them for free?

Good Elephant classes are offered on a free and pay-what-you-can basis. We encourage you to allow your community members to choose their payment amount, as our guides’ compensation comes from attendee payments.


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