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How much does a Guide membership cost?

Guide Memberships cost $35 a month.

What’s included with my Good Elephant Guide membership?

A Guide Membership includes scheduling and signup software, payment processing, revenue and attendance reporting, access to local Host Spaces, free video conferencing software, and resources and tools to promote your events.

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Do Good Elephant Guides pay other fees in addition to the monthly subscription?

Nope! Guides do not pay any other fees!

How do I cancel or change my membership?

To cancel, you need to login to your account and select the Accounts tab. Once you’re there, just click the Cancel Membership button.

Your membership will continue through the end of your current charge cycle. For example, if your credit card is charged on the 10th of the month and you cancel on April 25th, you will not lose access until May 10th.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your membership!

Why should I have a Good Elephant Creator Membership versus teaching on my own with Venmo, PayPal, and a website?

The fees associated with scheduling software, payment processing, video conferencing software, website hosting, space rental, and marketing can add up to far more than the $35 monthly Good Elephant Membership fee.

Plus, when you become a Good Elephant Guide, you join a community of like-minded teachers and creators in your community and across the world. Good Elephant and our Guides are dedicated to creating unique events that make a mindful lifestyle more inclusive and affordable for everyone!

Can I collaborate with other Guides for Good Elephant events?

Yes! Good Elephant always encourages our Guides to collaborate and get creative with classes and events for the community!

How can I collaborate with another Guide from Good Elephant?

We invite Guides to join the Good Elephant Guide Members Facebook Page to get to know one another, connect and collaborate!

Is there a list of Guides on the Good Elephant website?

Do I have to live in a city with active Good Elephant Events to become a Guide?

Not at all! We welcome Guides to teach online classes all over the world. If you’re interested in offering events in your city, but don’t see it listed on our schedule, reach out to

Can I be a Guide and travel at the same time?

Yes! We love it when our Guides take their event offerings on the road!

When creating an event in your dashboard, select any city from the dropdown menu to view available spaces. Don’t see your city? You can reach out to to have your city added!

Can I offer in-person events during COVID-19?

Possibly! Some of our Host Spaces can host in-person events. Events are subject to city, county, and state guidelines designed to prevent further spread of COVID-19. More information can be found within our COIVD-19 resource for Guides.

We encourage Guides to consider offering online online or hybrid events until we can safely return to in-person events throughout the country.

How often do Good Elephant Guides get paid?

Guides are paid every 24 hours. Expect to receive payouts within 48 hours of your last event.

How do Good Elephant Guides receive payouts?

Payouts are sent as direct deposits using Stripe. In the Good Elephant Dashboard, you can set up a Stripe account in your “Account” tab.

How can I find my next payout amount?

If your Stripe account is set up, you can find payouts in your teacher dashboard in the Account tab. If your Stripe account is not set up yet, you can adjust the dates in your Dashboard to see how much your payout will be. Once you set up your Stripe account, your funds will be transferred automatically!

What happens if an attendee pays and doesn’t show up for my event?

Attendees who miss an event can direct their payment towards your next event. To do this, simply register them for the next event for free in your teacher dashboard, and Good Elephant will send a confirmation email.

If you’d like to issue a refund to an attendee, you can initiate refunds from the attendance list in your teacher dashboard. If you’re unsure whether to issue a refund, we suggest reaching out to your attendees directly at their email address. You can find attendee email addresses in your attendance list, or download them from your Marketing tab.

Can attendees pay in cash?

If you choose, you are welcome to accept cash payments. In light of COVID-19, we encourage you to take advantage of cashless payments through the Good Elephant app.

Do I have to pay the Stripe transaction fees for credit card transactions?

No, these fees are included in your Guide Membership.

What are class reports? Do Good Elephant Guides need to fill them out?

Submitting your attendance information (or Class Report) allows you to track payments and event attendance accurately. Checking your students into class helps ensure that attendees have paid, agreed to our COVID-19 healthy human agreement, and signed a waiver.

When you submit class reports, you’re also taking advantage of Good Elephant’s email marketing. Attendees who are checked in will receive an automated email thanking them for attending and suggesting your next event.


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