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Thanks for visiting our FAQ Questions page! On this page, you will find many of the frequently asked questions we receive about Good Elephant.

You can also find links to our other FAQ pages for the Good Elephant app, Good Elephant Guides, Online Events, and Host Spaces.

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What is Good Elephant?

Good Elephant is a family of communities, Guides, and local businesses who believe in making a mindful lifestyle inclusive and affordable for everyone. We help our communities connect with their friends and favorite teachers through pay-what-you-can online and in-person classes on the Good Elephant app.

How can I download the Good Elephant app?

You can download the Good Elephant app through the App Store or get it on Google Play. You can also text the app to yourself or even text the app to a friend! It’s available for iPhone and Android.

Is Good Elephant only for yoga?

No, Good Elephant welcomes classes outside of yoga as well, such as cooking classes, art classes, adventures, book clubs, dance parties, and more!

Does Good Elephant offer events for kids? What about families or seniors?

Yes! Good Elephant offers classes for all ages, inside and out. Check our schedule for online and in-person classes and events, and you’ll find something for everyone!

How do I find Good Elephant events?

You can find Good Elephant events by downloading the Good Elephant App or checking our homepage. Good Elephant events happen both online and in cities across the United States.

In-person events are grouped by city. Don’t see your city? Send us an email at We would love to chat about bringing Good Elephant events to your community!

Where can I see the schedule of events?

We suggest that you download the Good Elephant App to see our schedule of events. You can also see events on our website. Events are displayed in your local timezone.

Does Good Elephant offer online events?

Yes, Good Elephant offers live online classes! You can find our schedule by downloading the Good Elephant app or going to “Classes and Events” at the top of the Good Elephant website.

Where are Good Elephant events hosted?

Good Elephant events are hosted in a variety of local spaces such as coffee shops, art galleries, offices, breweries, coworking spaces, and parks.

Can I host Good Elephant classes and events in my space?

Yes! We love partnering with local businesses and spaces to offer mindful classes and events. Learn more about hosting events and sign up to be a Good Elephant Host Space!

What types of events will I find on the Good Elephant app?

Yoga, Cooking Classes, Meditation, Book Clubs, Cycling Clubs, Hiking Clubs, Community Dinners, Conscious Dance Parties, Wellness Weekends, Festivals, Retreats, and more!

How can I become a Good Elephant Guide?

You can sign up on our website today!

If you’d like to learn more, you can attend an info session. We get together every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 am PST to chat with people doing all sorts of amazing things in their communities, and we’d love for you to join us!

What types of events can I offer? Can I teach classes?

Good Elephant encourages almost any kind of mindful event! We invite our Guides to be creative! We’re here to support you in bringing ideas to life!


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