about elephants


Elephants have always been revered for their magical qualities, and Good Elephant was named after this beautiful animal because of its prominence in Eastern philosophies. In Hinduism, the elephant god Ganesha (pictured) is God of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles. Many Buddhist stories also incorporate elephants to help illustrate concepts and ideas.


Good Elephant donates to the Save Elephant Foundation, through which we sponsor multiple elephants at Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai.

about elephants


Meaning ‘Mother Golden Bell’, Mae Kham Puan was born around 1965 . She was rescued and brought to ENP in December 2010. Mae Kham Puan is 90% blind from injuries inflicted upon her while working as an illegal logging elephant in Tak province. When her job performance faltered, she was sold into a life of trekking. However, when tourists complained that they felt uncomfortable riding her because of her blindness, her owner decided to sell her to ENP. She is quite confident and loves spending time in the river, especially with her best friends Tilly and Thai Koon.

about elephants


Born around 1980, Tilly was rescued from a trekking camp in early March 2011, She has had about 15 owners before finally finding a forever home at ENP.  She was bought from a nearby trekking camp and had only been there a few months when ENP rescued her. Tilly has a dislocated hip. How she got this injury is not known. With Tilly’s handicap, she was probably not suitable for giving rides. It s most likely that she was put in a forced breeding program so that she could produce babies who would be taken from her to be used in street begging or elephant shows.  Thankfully Tilly came to ENP before that could happen.  Here in the Park, she is best friends with Kham Puan and Thai Koon.