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Elephant Fund removes financial barriers and helps teachers earn more per class 


DENVER, Colo. (July 27, 2020) Good Elephant, an interactive online and in-person community of health and wellness classes, announced today the launch of the Elephant Fund

The Elephant Fund enables pay-what-you-can members to add a small donation to their transaction when they sign up for a class or event on the Good Elephant app. When a member opts to join an event for free, money from the Elephant Fund is then used to compensate the teacher.

“The Elephant Fund is an extension of Good Elephant’s mission to make transformational experiences more inclusive and affordable for new people to try,” said Good Elephant founder and CEO Allie Reitz. “It creates a collaborative ecosystem that enables members of the community to support each other. Now more than ever, we believe that money should not be a hindrance to achieving connection and personal growth.” 

In response to the citywide closures of yoga studios, Good Elephant also announced that they are providing Denver-area yoga instructors, as well as local meditation, art, and cooking instructors, with a 60-day fee-free opportunity to take their classes online and in front of the company’s hundreds of local and nationwide users. 

Kindness Yoga, Samadhi Yoga, Bekn, and Flex Yoga + Barre, among others, recently announced the closure of their physical spaces and the transition to live-streaming classes. Other physical yoga spaces are struggling to stay open with the statewide restriction on indoor capacity, which is set at 25 percent. 

“An estimated 20,000 full-time yoga instructors in the U.S. are currently out of work,” said Reitz. “In a city like Denver, this means hundreds of instructors and countless students lost the communities they love. The student-teacher relationship is a sacred connection that has the power to change lives. This is our way of helping instructors continue connecting with their communities by making it easier for them to pivot to a professional, streamlined online format.” 

Good Elephant’s desktop and mobile application makes it easy for yoga and other health and wellness teachers to take their businesses online from driving signups, securing class waivers, and processing payments to handling direct payouts, providing live streaming software, and offering real-time technical support. 

For more information about the Elephant Fund, visit: 

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About Good Elephant
Good Elephant is a Denver, CO-based company that connects global communities with teachers who offer classes, events, and workshops in creative local spaces and online through an inclusive, easy-to-use mobile and desktop application. Founded in 2018, Good Elephant has grown its physical presence to Denver, CO, Reno, NV, and Sacramento, CA, offering over 600 classes to thousands of people.

Good Elephant offers a pay-what-you-can model for students who participate in community programs such as yoga, meditation, art, and cooking classes from teachers all over the world. Teachers who join the platform pay a low subscription fee and get 100 percent of their class earnings. Learn more at