personalized yoga classes

Get the classes you want. When you want them.

Ever had trouble finding the right class at the right time? Get personalized yoga classes that fit your interests and your schedule.


 Finding the right yoga classes can take lots of research, trial and error, and commitment to memberships with classes that might not fit your schedule. This can be tedious if not impossible!

personalized yoga classes
personalized yoga classes

With Good Elephant Community Powered classes, we eliminate all that confusion and effort! You tell us what you’re looking for and what times work best. We take that information, share it with our yoga teachers, and create the classes you want.

✓ Live, online classes

✓ Real teachers in your community 

✓ Created with your schedule in mind

✗ Never pre-recorded

✗ No long term commitment 

✗ No more missing classes because of your schedule 


We create yoga classes built on your preferences! Rather than guessing what classes you might want, WE ASK YOU!

Share your interests and schedule with us! (A simple 5 min quiz!)

Get matched with the classes that fit your preferences.

Pick your favorite classes, and watch as they grow!

Join a community, get healthy, and meet your new favorite teachers!

It’s that simple! It’s a win-win when we put your preferences first. This way, we can ensure that you get exactly what you want!

We ♥︎ Yoga Because It Helps Us…

  • Reduce stress, practice mindfulness, and get moving at home!

  • Engage and connect with other human beings!

  • Reestablish and cultivate a mindful, healthy routine!

customized yoga classes
personalized yoga classes at home

With personalized Good Elephant Yoga classes, you get…

  • Convenient classes that are perfect for your schedule! 

  • Classes that make you feel GOOD! 

  • Real classes with other students!

  • Classes that support the real yoga teachers in your community!

Join a Community of Happy People Just Like You


personalized yoga classes

What if personalized yoga classes cost a lot less than a studio? (5-class packages often cost over $100.)

Right now, we’re offering a pay-what-you-can 5-class package of personalized yoga classes, with a suggested price of $45. That’s just $9 per class! You can rest easy, knowing that your contribution is split amongst your teachers.

To get in on the fun and receive your first classes, click the button below!

You’ll find your perfect experience and help awesome teachers make a living sharing their passion – the ultimate win-win!



Can I contribute more than $45 to my yoga teachers?

Absolutely! We recommend that everyone contribute $45 for their 5 personalized classes, but all Good Elephant classes are pay-what-you-can. To contribute more to your teacher, simply change the amount when you check out!

How soon will I get my personalized classes after I sign up?

You’ll receive your first class options within the first 5 days!

What if no one else wants the same classes or times as me?

Great question! It’s highly unlikely that this will happen. We will always provide you with class options and recommendations that are as closely matched to your preferences as possible! We also like to include 1-2 options that might surprise you, just in case you’re feeling adventurous!

Can I make changes to my preferences?

Of course, we know that your schedule might change. If you’ve already filled out your quiz, you can share any changes or updates with us via email ( and we’ll make any necessary adjustments!