Attention Yoga Instructors!

Business. What a totally unspiritual, stiff, un-zen word! It brings to mind visions of neutral colors, boring meetings, and worse, math. No one wants math. But what every yoga instructor wants to do is be able to support themselves with their love of yoga.

This column, which is exclusive to Good Elephant, will teach you (Yoga Instructors!) how to create conscious connection with your students and potential students. It will give you
conscious strategies around money, coming up with ideas, and (gasp) growing your business. Yes, I said business. But I hope this is unlike any business column you have ever read.

So, what is conscious connection? When we exchange goods or services for money, there’s an energetic connection there. That connection can be transactional (someone shows up to your class one time, says thank you very much and you never see them again) or relational (you are their yoga instructor and they follow you like the Grateful Dead). The goal in creating conscious connection is to create more followers
than the other kind. Yes, the drop outs will happen. And maybe they really needed what you gave them that day. However, the goal is to cultivate a relationship with your students that results in two very powerful things: trust and loyalty.

Trust comes through experience. However, it also comes when you show you care about your students.

Most yoga instructors do the minimal, “does anyone have any injuries? Any area you would like to focus on today?” Conscious connectors go a layer deeper than that.


1) Question before, during, and after the session. Questions = connection and they show you care. Inquire about the well being of all your students and how the practice is impacting their lives.

2) Remember your students. This video has some good techniques in it for you if this is not your forte.

3) Connect yoga to their lives in your discussions. When you talk to your students, connect their practice to their lives. Students quit yoga because they can’t do the poses, they don’t click with the instructor, or they are intimidated by some of the deeper parts of yoga. If you make time to connect the practice to their lives and discover these issues in advance, you are more likely to create a fan. This article has some great insights for you.

4) Build a list. But have something to share. Don’t just send class schedules. Do educate them. From this day forward you aren’t just a teacher in front of a class. You are an educator with students. Educate your students about yoga in a way that is relevant to them. Communicate when it matters. Let seeing you be the by-product of the education versus the other way around.

All of this trust building creates loyalty. It does not happen the other way around.

What have you done to consciously connect with your students? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and the Good Elephant teacher community.