Good Elephant Guide Memberships

Community and tools to teach health and happiness online and in-person.

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More than lifeless software for building an online business, Good Elephant is a growing community of teachers and guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and making an impact in their local communities. We’re different because our guides get access to our local host partners in addition to our COVID-friendly attendance and payment software.

Good Elephant Guide Memberships
Good Elephant Guide Memberships

A Community is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

• More than a space to gather
• More than booking software
• More than an app for online classes

We believe that the key to making a healthy lifestyle more inclusive is reaching people where they are. Yoga, mindfulness, and movement belong in the places where we already live – at home, in workplaces, and at our favorite coffee shops, breweries, and small businesses.


We connect you with host spaces and opportunities, and provide the tools you need to offer classes and events online and in your community.

Free Local Host Spaces

A Community of Passionate Teachers

Online, In-Person, and Hybrid Events

Bookings and Payments, and Support

Paid and Volunteer Opportunities


Join a community of teachers

In this community, you’ll be supported by your fellow Guides and a team dedicated to the same goal: making health, sustainability, and happiness inclusive and affordable for everyone.

Use our free host spaces and online tools

Start connecting with your attendees today with online and hybrid options. Or, browse our selection of free host spaces in your town, create a class or event, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Shine with a Good Elephant profile

Let’s see that smiling face! Get featured on the Good Elephant website and offer your classes on our local and online schedules. Attendees can easily sign up and pay for your offerings with their Good Elephant account.

Get paid!

Offer free or pay-what-you-can events, and connect your bank account to receive payments every day. Most Guides cover their membership with income from just one event, and our Elephant Fund helps ensure you get paid, even when attendees join for free!

Inspire and engage with your attendees

Easily share your classes, profile page, and schedule with your community with our marketing resources. Grow a following that loves what you have to offer, and make an impact for the GOOD! 

online events at home



Let’s talk about the, ahem, elephant in the room? COVID-19 has changed how we practice and connect.

Studios and spaces have closed and have confusing regulations.

Pre-recorded or one-way streamed classes lack connection.

Large virtual classes can be isolating for attendees.

Students have lost contact with their favorite teachers.

More than ever, people want to…

… reduce their stress, practice mindfulness, and move at home.

… develop meaningful relationships with their teachers.

… engage and connect with other human beings.

… reestablish and cultivate a mindful, healthy routine.

Our hybrid options are flexible so you can meet your students where they are.

Good Elephant is all about flexibility, exploration, and discovery. You can offer events and classes online, in-person, or both!

Hybrid classes and events offer a seamless solution for supporting students anywhere they are. With Hybrid classes and events, you can…


… allow attendees to join in-person AND online.


… encourage in-person and online attendees to engage with one another.


… welcome attendees from anywhere, nationally and even globally.


… help attendees feel safe, included and supported, regardless of their location.


We’re so grateful for the enthusiastic support of our Guides, Host Spaces, and attendees!

“The Good Elephant business model is a win-win for teachers, students, and the community.  I am able to offer high quality, pay what you can classes at all times to the community, while still earning more than $60/class on average, and supporting the space. Highly recommend for anyone who loves community, yoga, and opportunity!”

Priya Dey-Sarkar
Vedic Astrologer & Bhakti Yoga Instructor

“I really believe that right now we are the ones that are going to help our world calm down and get more centered. Good Elephant has a system set up, and I’ve benefited from that. This is huge. A lot of yoga teachers aren’t teaching right now. If you want to teach a class, sign up with Good Elephant.”

Lee Ann Maynard
Yin Yoga & Meditation Instructor


 Have questions? Chat with our Chief Community Officer, Jenna!