Saturday, Jan 30th at 6:30pm PT

Metta or Lovingkindness meditation is absolutely my favorite practice and has been the most transformative for me and all the students I work with. Metta is the perfect antidote for resentment, anger, fear and so many other difficult emotions. It’s also a fantastic self care meditation and I’m excited to share it with you. This is a longer guided self care practice. Laying down or reclined is encouraged.

– Gary Sanders


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Gary Sanders is originally from the Los Angeles area, where he was the founder of SCV Mindfulness and led up to three weekly meditation groups for over 5 years. He was empowered to lead Buddhist meditation and dharma groups at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. He helped, from the ground level, to found Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist based recovery program for all addictions, which has now spread worldwide. After moving to Portland, Gary was asked to join the teaching staff at Portland Insight Meditation Community. Gary travels frequently and teaches daylongs and workshops all over North America.